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Next Time on Doctor Who
8.04 - “Listen" - 13.09.2014
What’s that in the mirror,
                 or the corner of your eye?
                              What’s that footstep following,
                                                but never passing by?

                                                Perhaps they’re all just waiting.
                               Perhaps when we’re all dead,
                 out they’ll come a-slithering,
     from underneath the bed.

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Azazel is red,
Raven is blue,
Peace was never an option,
But I still love you.

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#Can you just imagine if there were people passing by #and they heard Cedric saying that to Harry? #they’d probably be thinking that they would go to that restroom #and make looove and shit #and then when Cedric died #it made sense why Harry was like on top of him and bawling #BECAUSE HIS BOYFRIEND DIED #omg that hogwarts student probably thought they were Sherlock figuring all this shit out

I bet all the students shipped them. 

I bet they called them Harric 

#the starcrossed champions from hogwarts

i will never not love this post

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Sherlock AU -  Mr and Mrs Smith

- See, we’ve been married for five years.
- Six.
- Five, six years.
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The Doctor: A Good Dalek.

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I can’t deal with criticism very well. I’ve already got it from one angle. I don’t need it from anything else. —Robert Pattinson on releasing own music - The Sunday Times 2014 (via thinkingofrob)

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