Kristen, please. Please, I beg you, think about your career. Think about your life right now. If you love yourself at least a little bit, please, don’t ruin your life just like that. You still deserve good things. You deserve goodness, because all people do. Please, don’t throw away everything just like that.
I know you’re hurt, but please, you need to try to get to happiness. Please, be strong. You need to be strong right now, my girl. My poor girl. You need to feel responsibility for your life. Please. Don’t give up. You are a strong girl, you managed to deal with so much shit already, you can do it. Once again. For yourself. For your future happiness.  Please.

Because no matter what, I still believe that you are a good person. 

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  5. jfbs90 said: i’m so worried about her! i hope this is just a nasty rumor!
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  10. clintzbarton said: wait what happened?
  11. lookintohisheart said: sorry but what makes you think this would ruin her career? i trust her. probably, if this is true, she decided this was the best for her and her sanity. this won’t ruin anything
  12. robstenhungary said: I think she dropped it because she thinks about her life. She’s doing what she think it’s the best for her. :) I think maybe she wants to be with Rob, work things out…maybe she has something bigger/better things to do…:)
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